Dead Man’s Cell Phone

by Sarah Ruhl

directed by Gil Reyes

June 21 - 29, 2013
Baron’s Theater
Dead Man's Cell Phone

Despite dying an ordinary death in an ordinary café, Gordon Gottlieb was no ordinary man. Of course, we might never have known if Jean had not answered (and kept) the dead man’s ringing phone.

Now, in a surreal journey through the absurd sides of grief and love, Jean is determined to make Gordon the man she believes he always should have been. She soon learns that righting Gordon’s wrongs, comforting his family, and answering his calls may turn out to be more soup than she can slurp. Jean has two things going for her – a good heart and a dead man’s cell phone - both are about to get her into a lot of trouble.

Playfully asking, “Where do we go when someone else dies,” the metaphysical pairing of Gordon and Jean leads to laughs and love, while questioning our ability to truly connect.

Cast and Crew
Jean Susan Brooks
Gordon Robert McFarland
Mrs. Gottlieb Becky LeCron
Hermia Dara Tiller
Dwight Ryan Lash
The Other Woman Beth Tantanella
Stage Manager Maria Allgeier
Scenic Designer Karl Anderson
Lighting Designer Jesse AlFord
Sound Designer Scott Anthony
Costume Design Fabi Russell
Choreographer Robert McFarland
Assistant Director Amy Steiger
Assistant Stage Manager Starr Peters
Assistant Stage Manager Brandon Muncy
Venue and Tickets

Friday and Saturday, June 21-22, 8:00pm
Monday, June 24, 8:00pm
Friday-Saturday, June 28-29, 8:00pm

Baron’s Theater
131 W. Main St

Tickets are $15.

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